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On this page I have included links to other Vintage sites that I have found useful and enjoyable. Further down the page you can find the BassBlog.


FlyGuitarsGibsonBass (link above). My favourite website, a mine of information, photos and soundclips. Go to "Parts" to find details of stylistic and hardware changes. As well as photos of beautiful bass guitars! (You might find the Victory Artist bass familiar!).

Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitars as well as Basses, with an emphasis on Gibsons.

Vintage Guitar Information

A very useful site for "hard" information on Gibson models.

Gibson's own website.


A comprehensive table of serial numbers from the Gibson website.



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Opening comments
This arena is available to everyone to comment on the basses shown in my collection, or to raise queries about basses they own. Hopefully it will become a source of information and advice for those looking to buy, value or repair their instruments, or just a source of interesting facts. 
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