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1962 Les Paul Junior (SG shape)

1962 Les Paul Junior (SG shape)

The Gibson Les Paul Jr. was initially released in 1954 as an affordable, entry level Les Paul electric guitar. The goal for the Les Paul Jr. was to have a high quality guitar that was still affordable. For this to happen, the Jr. was stripped down to the basics; one pickup, one volume knob and tone knob. It was equipped with one P-90 dog ear pickup in the bridge. It originally retailed for $120.00 USD and was very successful.

In the 1960s and 1970s the Les Paul Jr. became very popular because of its simplicity and distinguishable tone when played through a high gain amplifier. The P-90 pickup gave the guitar a distinct crunch that was desired by rock and blues
players of the time.

The Les Paul Junior was originally introduced in 1954 as a single cutaway model, with its double cutaway, with rounded points and a "slab" body, produced in early 1958.  In 1961, the body style of the Junior was changed to the sharply pointed and bevelled SG shape, and after conflict between Gibson and Les Paul, these models were later renamed the SG Junior. Color schemes most commonly used for Juniors were vintage sunburst, particularly on the initial single cut model, cherry red on both the "slab" and "SG" double cuts, and of course the famed "TV yellow" for the "slab" double cuts designed to show up on Black & White TV.

Below is a fine example of the 1961 to 1963 "SG" shaped pointed double-cut model while it was still called "Les Paul". Unusual for these guitars, it is all original, without breaks and has the original tuners that have not been replaced at any time or refitted, as many have been.

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