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A 1968 SG Custom

This is a rare 3 pickup SG Custom which has been refinished in Pearl white and has newer Gibson humbuckers and tuners. Only 264 SG Customs were made in 1968.


This is a "players" guitar, as a refinish is widely viewed as taking a guitar out of a collectors range. However, it plays beatifully, with low action and a very fast neck. The necks on these 60's Customs, unlike the narrow SG Standards and Jrs, have a wide nut like the early 60's Gibson's, with a full chunky C shape, a flat radius ebony board allowing easy string bending. Despite the re-finish there have been no breaks - the guitar was blacklighted.

Hendrix played a '68 just like this one on the American Dick Cavitt show! 

This guitar has Gibson engraved logo Humbuckers in the Bridge and Neck and a Seymour Duncan Vintage Reissue Middle Pickup as well as gold Kluson reissue tuners and Tonepros locking bridge and tailpiece. It also has real pearl control knobs with a push/pull control switch on the lower tone knob to create additional pickup combinations not normally available, such as the Bridge and Neck pickups together, Middle and Neck pickups together, or all three pickups together. This  provides an endless array of sounds. There are a few players nicks and the headstock face has a small dull patch and there's one small paint chip at the top at the waist cut. The guitar is housed in the original purple lined 1968 Export Gibson hard case in nearly mint condition. Despite the modifications, this is a rare guitar as so few  were produced.

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