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1966 SG Special in Polaris White

 Vintage, Gibson SG Special, Polaris White, early 1966

Quote from Gibson Customer Service 31 July 09 - "Thanks... for sending in the pictures.  The serial number is consistent with a model made between 1966-1967.  However, in 1966, the SG Special changed from the small pickguard to the full size pickguard that surrounds the pickups (as on current models).  This would lead me to believe this to be an early 1966 model."

The SG Special was launched in 1961, when it took over from the slab double cutaway version. The body is lighter and thinner than the "slab" and the Les Paul, having double pointed cutaways and a scaloped mahogany body. It has 2 of the famous P-90 "soap bar" pickups, a 3 layer black small beveled pickguard, a  pearl "Gibson" peghead logo (no "Les Paul" silkscreen), and a wrap around "stairstep" bridge, with all nickel parts. It was available in, cherry red, white or limed mahogany finish.  In 1962 a Maestro vibrato was optional, and in mid 1965 Chrome parts were fitted instead of nickel, and the larger "batwing" pickguard surrounding the P-90 pickups.

The SG Special was the guitar of choice for Pete Townshend of The Who during the "Tommy" era. Carlos Santana also played an SG Special at Woodstock in 1969. And, of course, Eric Clapton played an SG, although a "standard", throughout his time at Cream,  including the psychedelic "Fool" guitar, along side Jack Bruce's Gibson EB3 bass

Pete Townshend of "The Who" played a Polaris White Gibson SG Special. He used this model often on stage between 1968-1973;

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Eric Clapton of Cream recording “Strange Brew” at Atlantic Studios, New York, in April 1967
The Psychedelic Fool Guitar
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