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1959 Les Paul Junior (Slab)

A 1959 Les Paul Junior- one of a number of style changes, known as the "Slab" for its slab like body shape- none of the sculpting seen in early 1960's "SG" style guitars here!

The "Les Paul Junior" range was launched in 1954, and originally sold as Gibson's least expensive, single pickup, student solidbody model (it was replaced as the least expensive solidbody Gibson in 1959 by the Melody Maker).

The first version was a Mahogany single cutaway slab body, with one soapbar P-90 pickup (the legendary "dog eared P 90!) with black cover, 24.75" scale, single ply black pickguard, with gold logo, "Les Paul Junior" silkscreened on the peghead in gold. It had nickel plated parts, and the top was yellow to brown sunburst finish with a brown back and neck finish.

In mid 1958 Gibson changed the "Les Paul SG" Junior guitar body style to symmetrical rounded double cutaways, a thick slab mahogany body with a cherry red finish (but note that single cutaway Junior have been seen as late as 1959). A few of this model were issued in "TV Yellow", designed to show up well on Blank & White TV. The peghead still says "Les Paul Junior". The first few batches of 1958 and early 1959 double cutaway Les Paul Juniors had a noticably sharper body edge, like the edge on the single cutaway Junior. By early 1959 the edge became more rounded. With the double cut body style the pickguard changes to single ply tortoise, although either a black pickguard or a tortoise pickguard can be seen until late 1959/early 1960.

Below is a superb 1959 double-cut "slab" model, with the slightly rounded edges.

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