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1968 Cherry Red EB2

The EB2 and EB2Ds are Gibsons most elegant bass guitars. And this particularly fine 1968 Cherry Red shows the style off to perfection.

Here's a very nice 1968 Gibson EB-2 semi-hollowbody bass, finished in Gibson's translucent cherry red. This is a stunning colour on these models. I don't know much about this particular bass' history other than I know that the person I bought it from owned it for the past 20+ years, and it was always kept on a wall-hanging guitar hook in his 24  track (analog) recording studio. As far as the condition goes, I would rate it as excellent, especially since it is 40 years old. It does have some finish checking and a few small dings here and there but nothing major- and it presents itself very well.
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This bass plays and sounds awesome (ala Yardbirds).The neck is perfectly straight, has low action and does not buzz. The frets show little or no wear, and the headstock has never been broken/repaired. It has one volume and one tone control, with a push button that activates an inductor to go from super deep (almost organ pedal-ish), to a more midrangy tone for cutting thru the mix.

As far as I can tell, it is all original with the exception of the tuning heads, which are nickel-plated Schallers. These Schaller heads fit the exact same mounting holes as the originals so no drilling or modification was necessary. The white saddles do not appear to be made of nylon like on my other ones, but rather are possibly made of Corian. Maybe that's why this one sounds so exceptional?

The bass comes with its orignal plush-lined 'soft-shell' case. Its not in the best condition but it still lives up to its purpose (see last pic). This bass records really well and has been used on quite a few albums in the past.

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