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1960 EB0 Dennis Lojeski
The first version of the EB0, produced in 1959 and 1960, was also known as the Les Paul Junior, shown below. This particular bass has "banjo tuners" and was owned by Dennis Lojeski, whose 1961 College photo is immediately below. He was the sole owner until his premature death in 1996. Dennis is the upright bass player with Elvis Presley performing "C'Mon Everybody" in the 1964 film,Viva Las Vegas, which you can see at 

Dennis Lojeski 1944-1996

Dennis is the upright bass player supporting Elvis, with Ann Margaret shimmying before them in black tights and tight pink sweater. Dennis's brother, Ed, was playing piano. He can be seen fleetingly, and more as a shadow, at the back of the band.  At the time, Dennis was playing lead guitar with The Red Coats (not to be confused with Steve Alaimo's The Redcoats), a touring band managed by hit ("Mr. Banjo Man") songwriter Norman Malkin of Hollywood's Milton Deutsch Agency. In 1986 Dennis became a City of Arcadia Councilmember, while his brother Ed went on to be recognised as "one of the finest choral arrangers today", working with leading artists and on numerous Feature and TV films.

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