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Flying V & Victory Artist

Two from the early '80s: The highly evocative "Flying V" bass and the more workman like Victory Artist.

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A 1981 Gibson Flying V Bass!  
One of only 375 made.  
Probably the most "glamorous" (as in over the top) poser bass ever made! 
 A real collectors piece.
A 1982 Victory Artist in Antique Fireburst (Below, and below right)
The Thunderbird like head.

The Gibson Victory was launched in 1981, as a basic one-pickup passive model; the Victory Standard, and a two-pickup active Victory Artist. These were joined a year later by a two-pickup passive Victory Custom.

Stylistically, the Victory was unlike any previous Gibson bass, asymmetrical with a deep lower cutaway, allowing access to the 24 frets, only the Thunderbird headstock suggesting its heritage.The Victory Artist created tonal differences electronically, without needing to use the series/parallel switch - and when played in passive mode sounds similar to the Custom.

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