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This site is all about my passion for collecting Vintage Gibson Basses. Not Guitars-and not Fender, or Rickenbacker or indeed any other Bass Guitar manufacturer. Here you'll find information about my collection, and photos of basses (and a few guitars) I have acquired. Click on the index on the left.

Some of these basses, and many more, are available on my sister site ( for you to buy for your own collection.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to ask.

I will be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often!


A 1976 "Bicentennial" Thunderbrid IV in Sunburst. See the Album for a Black 1976 as well as a Sunburst 1964 and a "non-reverse" 1966.


A near mint 1960 EB0 "Les Paul Junior" with banjo tuners - and a surprising provenance!

Weekly Question

A weekly quiz about Gibson Basses or their players. If you know the answer please email me.
This weeks question: What year was the "SG" shaped EB0 and EB3 launched in?


A 1967 EB3 in mint condition, one of my most prized basses -- and one that is definitely not for sale!


A rare 1961 EB0 with the black Humbucker cover used only for 2 years. View this and other EB0s in my personal collection by clicking on "EB0" to the left, or visit to see the range of 1960's and 70's EB0s for sale.


A 1967 EB2D in Sunburst. Also in the Album are the extremely rare 1958 EB2 with "Banjo" tuners and a Gibson Custom EB2D in Sparkling Burgundy.

And a Few Guitars!
(see "Gibson Guitars" in the index)

Answer to last weeks question
(What was the main change Jack Bruce made to his basses to assist his playing style?): 
He fitted lighter gauge strings.

Please let me know what you think of my collection and site!

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